Death- Precious to Jesus?

I have had the experience of being with two people as they died. They were experiences that I will never forget. Both times caused me to think about how in the bible it says “precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints”. That seems morbid until I try to think about it though the eyes of Jesus. He knows that when we die we leave this world of sickness, pain, turmoil and difficulties, and come to a place of eternal joy and peace. He knows that when people who believe in Him die, they come to Him in heaven.

It makes me think of when someone adopts a child from an orphanage in another country. The child might be scared due to the unknown. The adoptive parents understand that but also understand that the new life awaiting the child is far better than what it has known. The has only known the orphanage. I have seen some orphanages that are very dismal, poorly furnished, and lacking in care providers, but it is all the child knows. The adoptive parents have a nice room waiting for the child, new clothes, proper nutrition, good schools etc. The child will have a far better life living with the adoptive parents.

So it is for those who know Jesus. We do not know what awaits us in heaven or what it looks like. We only know this world which can be good, but also full of sorrow. When we die, Jesus comes to take us to a new home which has wonders we cannot undertsand.


One thought on “Death- Precious to Jesus?

  1. Yes, life is joyful and sad at a same time. No wonder why there are many people live on the earth and get their souls ready to go to heaven where they can know for sure of joy, peace, and happiness in God’s arms.

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