God loves and sees all no matter how small

ESL Ministry 077ESL Ministry 093It is easy to feel that God does not see us or to feel lost in the busy world in which we live. There always seems to be other people who are more important than we are or who do greater things than we do. One day Jesus was in the temple and saw a little old widow ut her few coins into the offering, Jesus called attention to her and taught the people their. He said that this little old widow had put in more than all the others because from her heart she gave all she could.

I met a wonderful woman when I went to a wedding earlier this year. She is 90 years old and a refugee from Burma. I thought about all the history she has lived through. She has lived through World War II. She has lived through the military take over of her country . She has experienced fleeing to a refugee camp and living in a refugee camp for many years. She came to America a year ago. The wedding was for her granddaughter. I said to her Yesu Eh Nah which is Jesus loves you in her language. She kept hugging me, She smiled a big smile. She is maybe 4 feet 6 inches tall. It felt good to brighten her day.  I shared with her through a translator for about ten minutes. I encouraged her to remember that ther grandchildren can have a good life. She hugged me again.

The Bible states many times that we should care for the widows and orphans. Paul even said that caring for the widows and orphans is true religion.  God sees all and cares for all no matter how small. No one is insignificant to Jesus. We may feel that way but it is not true. No act we do for God is too small. If we desire to serve God in our heart, He will take notice no matter how small or great we may think the act is or may think we are.


2 thoughts on “God loves and sees all no matter how small

    1. Yes she knew about Jesus. She felt happy that an American would tell her that and talk with her. She is old so she usually stays home and doesn’t go out much or meet many people.

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