Pray especially when it seems there is no hope

I was a Bible college student in Minneapolis Minnesota in the early 1990’s. In November f 1991 I was working at Billy Graham’s World Headquarters as a janitor and going to school. Things were not going well and in anger I said to God”there is no hope. I am not even going to pray”. I needed some food and began to walk to the store. On Halloween weekend that year it had snowed 28 inches which was followed by another 14 inch snow before Thanksgiving. In the inner city snow removal is not at its best. As I walked to the store I saw an old woman struggling to walk in the snow. I stopped to help her. I asked her where she was going and she told me she needed to get to the Walgreens to get her blood pressure medicine. I helped her to walk through the snow by walking backwards while she we clutched hands. I stomped down footsteps for her to step in in the snow. It took us about 20 minutes to make it to the Walgreens.

As we walked I thought I should share with her about me so she would not be scared. I told her that I was a student at North Central Bible College and that I worked at Billy Graham’s ministry. As soon as I said I worked at Billy Graham’s ministry, she said to me-“I pray for Billy Graham. I am a big believer in prayer especially when it seems there is no hope”. That got my attention. She said to me the exact words i had said to God only moments earlier. We made it to the Walgreens. She told me she didn’t need help to get home because she could take a taxi. I walked away briefly but felt I should make sure.  I went into the Walgreens which had only 1 door. I looked around and could find her. I asked the Pharmacist and he told me no one had been in that day due to the snow the night before.  The cashier also told me that no one had been in that day. In the Bible it tells us to “not neglect showing hospitality to strangers because in so doing some have entertained angels”. I believe God wanted to send me a message that day.

Pray especially when it seems there is no hope!!


4 thoughts on “Pray especially when it seems there is no hope

  1. Very interesting! How often God has spoken to me in different ways. I have asked many if God has ever spoken to them and how. The response has been interesting. I have had ministers actually get a little defensive, perhaps threatened by such a question. I have been awaken in the middle of the night to pray. A spiritual song will come to mind giving encouragement or even direction. My wife, two small children and I lived in a very small place (about 400 square feet) in Southern California. We had very little but we had tremendous peace and were happy. One evening we prayed that we could somehow get at TV. A few hours later my wife and I went for a walk. As we started down the sidewalk we heard a voice, “Hey! Do you want a TV. I looked at my wife and asked if she heard it. We could see no one. Was started to go on. We heard it again, “Hey! Do you want a TV?” Behind a screen door we could see an elderly woman. She told us that her son had bought her a new TV and wondered if wanted the old one. God created us for communion with Him. Why is it so surprising that He will communicate in so many different ways.


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