God a Loving Heavenly Father?

My first trip to Romania I brought with me a pamphlet I had written about how God is a loving heavenly father. It was translated into Romanian. The front of the pamphlet said “God a Loving Heavenly Father?” in Romanian. I had some with me on the bus and people were asking me for them and some even took a copy out of my hand and smiled. The experience made an impression on me. The I thought about the life experience that many of the people had in Romania. They lived under a brutal communist dictator for forty years. The oppression was terrible. In some places the Orthodox priests cooperated with the communists. There I was in 1997 only 7 1/2 years after their revolution with pamphlets telling them that God is a loving heavenly father.

It can be difficult to think of or believe in God being a loving heavenly father. It can be due to a harsh religious experience, living under oppression, family problems etc. It comforts me to remember how Jesus referred to God. He constantly called God- “your Father in heaven” when talking to people about God. One time Jesus said about prayer-“You Father in heaven knwos what you need before you ask”.

The Bible says in the letter Paul wrote to the church in Rome “we did not receive a spirit of fear but a spirit of adoption by who we call out Abba, Father” God gives His Holy Spirit to anyone who believes in Jesus. God adopts anyone who believes in Jesus into His family. He becomes OUR FATHER.

When I think about this wonderful fact, I think about how personal God is. Father is a relationship word. God is not some it force out there somewhere or some impersonal force of nature. God is a person. He wants a relationship with us. He wants a Father child relationship with us. He never wants us to be alone. He will always be with us as OUR FATHER in heaven.


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