Prayer- God led me to help Vietnamese friends after my father’s funeral

In April 2009 my father died after a prolonged illness. He was 76 years old. I had spent a lot of time with him when he would go into the hospital off and on for about a year. I spent a lot of time with him the weekend he died and was in Hospice care. I was with him when he died and was very busy the week after with funeral preparations. The week after the funeral I prayed about what next because suddenly I had more free time. At my church we had a musical Hope Rising which Gina Boe the worship leader at our church had written. There is a song ‘life goes on’. That song was in my spirit as I drove to be with my father and as I sat with him while he died and the weeks after. It is mostly about how this life is not all there is, but there is an eternity with Jesus. It is also about how we need to live on.

Football party at Julie's 055ESL Ministry 001I prayed about what to do and felt led to stop by the apartment of a Vietnamese family I knew. I had taught the mother and her brother. I met their children. Soon after her daughter began to come to my classes at church. Her niece also began to come. This led to my Saturday afternoon reading class growing to 14 Vietnamese young people coming for help with their English and me being able to share the love of Jesus with them. I have had the privilege of praying with the daughter and the niece. I have also had the great privilege of helping the daughter in her preparations for college.

If we come to God in our difficult times for guidance, he can do wonderful things. Life does go on for those who leave us in death, but it also goes on for those of us who are here, and if we give the time we have here to Jesus, He will do wonderful things.


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