When Jesus shows up wonderful things happen, so let’s pray

In John chapter 2 we read about what happened when Jesus showed up at a wedding. Several thoughts come to mind. His being at a wedding shows He is interested in all the moments in our lives, not just Sunday morning. His mother knew who He was because she asked Him to help by a miracle which we can conclude from His reaction when He said, “my time has not yet come” which shows she wasn’t asking Him to go to the nearest wine merchant. The biggest lesson for me is the quality of what he did.

Wine was a part of their culture. We learn from this chapter in John that they served their best stuff first and then the cheap stuff after people had had some wine and food and would not notice it was cheap stuff. They ran out of wine. This was a terrible thing to have happen at a wedding back then. In America it would be like running out of cake before every one has had a piece. In other countries it may be running out of a special food. He told the servants to fill some empty clay jars with water. Water? No grapes? They filled the jars, big jars with water. He told them to take some out and serve it to the Master of Ceremonies. The MC tastes it and calls the groom over. He says, “every one serves the good stuff first and then the cheap stuff, but you have saved the best for last”

Here is the main point of this event. Whatever Jesus does for us is BETTER than our best. We may not always feel that way or think what happens in our lives is evidence of it, but it is true. When Jesus shows up wonderful things happen. We should pray that way with expectation of what He will do. We may not like the answer at the time. We may be surprised at what He does. We may have to wait-hardest answer to prayer. But we can trust Jesus that whatever He does is better than out best.

What are you praying about today? Whatever it is have faith in the one who loved us so much He died for us. He will do wonderful things in our lives.


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