What does Jesus think of women?

In many places in the world women are not treated with much dignity or value. It is interesting to me that what is in my mind one of the greatest honors ever given to a person Jesus gave to a woman named Mary Magdalene. We do not really know all the details of her life before she met Jesus. We only know for sure that Jesus delivered her of demons. One tradition has been to portray her as a prostitute but there is no convincing proof of that. After Jesus delivered her, He let her hang out with His mother. Several times in the Gospels we read Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They were together all the time.

What was the honor Jesus gave to her? Mary Magdalene was one of the people who watched Jesus die on the cross. Imagine how she must have felt. This was the man who saved her from her pitiful life and welcomed her into His group. She saw Him die on a Friday. The honor came on Sunday. Jesus defeated death through His resurrection. The first person to see Jesus after He came back from the dead? Mary Magdalene. He even told her to go tell the others. This is amazing because in that culture a woman’s testimony did hold much weight.

If any woman feels that God does not value her they only need to remember Mary Magdalene. It is also interesting to me that Paul wrote that in the church- “there is no male or female”. In other words in the church Jesus wants men and women to be equal. We may have different roles in the church which will vary from church to church, but in the eyes of Jesus men and women are equal. This is someone worth following. Jesus loves all people equally.


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