Prayer- God still works through prayer so let’s pray in faith

In the Bible it says “the fervent prayer of a righteous person  avails much”. Basically it means that when we live for Jesus and pray with faith great things can happen. The problem many times is that we do not pray in faith. I will never forget how several years ago when I attended a small church there was a young man who had a benign brain tumor. He was having problems with seizures and had to stay at home. He parents were Christians but he had not come to believe in Jesus yet. I felt a burden to pray and fast for him and asked others to join me. The pastor of that small church told me it was probably a waste of time and my time should be put to use elsewhere. My thought was-NO ONE IS A WASTE OF TIME.

A small group of us proceeded to pray for him. I went to visit him and pray with him several times. I read from the bible to him and shared my faith with him. He came to believe in Christ. He had a surgery that was successful. He went on to become very active with Baptist Student Union and helped many to come hear about Jesus. Sadly he did die some years later of something else, but he made some very positive contributions.  His father came into the furniture store store I worked at back then. He said to me in front of every one “You made a difference in my son’s life. Thank you.”

With God there are no  lost causes. With God there is always hope. With God all things are possible. We should never give up. We should always pray in faith. It seems to me that the church in America is weak because we do not pray in faith. We trust too much in our technology or planning and not enough in the One who has ALL POWER. God still works through prayer, so let’s pray in faith and leave the results to God.


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