Prayer-When others say you can’t ask God what He thinks

The bible says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. There have been many moments in my life that others doubted if I could do something. The key is that I can’t do it, but I can do it through Jesus. When I first began working with internationals and wanted to start some classes at my church, there were those who doubted it would be successful or that anyone would want to come. There were those who doubted my ability to do it. There were those who wondered what I thought I was doing. There were of course some who were supportive. I write about the fact that many doubted it because seven years later wonderful things have happened over the years, and it has been because of Jesus being with me.

Jesus showed me the need in Lincoln. Lincoln had gone through a huge change that many were not aware of. Thousands of people have come to Lincoln over the past 15 years. I knew Jesus wanted me to reach out to them. I took some first steps such as getting some training to be a volunteer tutor and volunteering to teach people English. That led to me getting a lot of experience with people from several different cultures and language groups.

In 2002 Jesus showed me He wanted me to start a ministry at church.  There was reason to doubt my abilities. People still remembered me from when I was sick and talked slow. In fact my first trip to Romania in June 1997 the missionaries initial reaction when they heard I was coming was “isn’t that the guy who talks slow”. Now seven years after Jesus led me to work with internationals, the ministry is going better than I thought and I am sure most of the people who knew me before it began thought.

The key thing was that Jesus was in it. He has all power. He has all authority. Why try to do anything in our own power when we can go to the One who has ALL power. If Jesus is calling you to do something, don’t ask if you can or if you have the ability. Ask if He can do it through you. Of course He can do it through you. You may need to get some training or experience, but step out. God qualifies the called. He will help you get the qualifications, the training, whatever else you need. We just need to step out in faith and let Him guide us.


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