Prayer- Jesus understands us when we are weak, so let’s come to Him anytime

We all make mistakes as we go through life. We have bad days. We have bad thoughts. We say things we wish we had not said. We regret things we have done wrong. If it were not for the fact that Paul wrote of himself in the bible that he was the foremost of sinners because he persecuted the church before he became a Christian, I would think that I am the foremost of sinners. We may all feel that way at times.Ā  It is at those times that we need to pray and spend time with God, but our consciences or an accusing voice in our minds cause us to hesitate.

In the bible it says that Jesus was made perfect or complete through His sufferings. How does the perfect God be made complete? It goes on to say that He was tempted in every way just like we are, yet He did not sin. The bible says that Jesus is our Sympathetic High Priest who is able to sympathize with us in our weaknesses. It also says that we can come to Him any time with confidence and receive Grace and Mercy in our time of need. We come to Him based on what He did, not based on what we do or don’t do. He has opened the door wide open for us to come to God at anytime.

If you are feeling stressed out, confused, hopeless, in a dark place, or ashamed, you can come to Jesus right now and ask for His forgiveness, help, guidance, light, and His presence in your life. He has already given permission and will not change His mind. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.


One thought on “Prayer- Jesus understands us when we are weak, so let’s come to Him anytime

  1. Yes, you were right. I have been feeling that Im the most sinner to Jesus and that Im afraid to come to him because of those sins I have had. And reading your words made me realize we can count on Jesus all the time. He will show us the way to become good if we are brave enough to come to him and express ourselves to him. Thank Matt!

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