How does Jesus feel about us?

When we think about God, one question should be in our mind. I know it has been in the back of my mind from time to time. That question is How does God feel about us? Does He loves us? Is God impersonal and not care much? Is God angry with us? This is an important issue to consider. Jesus gives us an excellent example of How God feels about us and what God thinks about us.

In the bible it talks about one day when Jesus was helping people. He was healing them. He was teaching them. He was showing them God because Jesus is God who came the earth. There were hundreds of people there waiting for His help. The bible says that Jesus looked at all of the people and was filled with compassion for them because there were like sheep scattered and helpless without a shepherd. This shows me a few things about Jesus.

1st- He has compassion for us. A deep and strong compassion. He loves us and has great care and concern for us.

2nd- He sees that we need help. He wants to help us if we will let Him. He knows our struggles and wants to help.

That is someone I want to go to and trust in. If we know someone wants what is best for us, it is easier to trust them. Jesus said “come to me all who are weary and carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest….. for I am humble and gentle of heart”. The person who created all that we see. The person who has all power. This is the same person who is gentle hearted


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