Prayer- a teenage boy healed through prayer

Count me in as one of the many who is skeptical of the “faith healers” on TV. Also count me in as one of the people who is concerned that in reaction to the “faith healers” the church in America does pray in faith often enough for the sick. My hope is that this story will encourage you as you pray for those who are sick around you.

Several years ago a teenage boy I knew was in the hospital. He had a infection and air bubbles in the fluid sac around his heart. It looked like he would need surgery. I was spending some time in prayer with Jesus and this boy came into my thoughts. I began to pray for the him and felt burdened to go see him. I walked into his hospital room and talked a little with him. I told him a joke but it hurt for him to laugh. I then told him I wanted to pray with him. I opened my bible, put my hand on his chest and read from Romans chapter 8 in the bible- “if the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, then the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will also give life to you mortal bodies”. The boy breathed out deeply and said “thank you Jesus”.

He had no more pain. The doctors did another chest X-ray and found the infection and the air bubbles were gone. He was dismissed that day with a prescription for antibiotics and a precaution. He went on to live a normal teenage boys life.

I want to say that their have  many I have prayed for that nothing happened. I would also like to say that there is nothing special about me. All I did that day was follow the leading of Jesus. Jesus did the healing. I write this to encourage us to pray in faith and leave the results to God.  Let us not shy away from praying for the sick because of the gross misconduct of others. Let us live as children of the light and show that light whether it is through visiting people in the hospital, praying with others, helping those in need, or serving in the church.


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