Prayer- Went to Romania in April 05 but did look like it in February 05

In February 2005 I had surgery to have my Gall Bladder taken out. I went into the emergency room in pain on a Friday night. I drove there much to the surprise of the ER personnel. They told me I needed to have my Gall Bladder out. I was on Morphine and IV antibiotics all day that Saturday. On Sunday morning I had the surgery and they removed me Gall Bladder atheroscopically.

One of my Pastor friends came to see me on Saturday. I was scheduled to go to Romania in April 2005 for their Easter celebration. I looked at Pastor Scott and said “I am still going to Romania”. I do not know what he thought at that moment. The surgeon had just come up before Pastor Scott did and informed me that they might have to do the surgery the old way which would mean an 8 week recovery time. I told him I had to go to Romania so do his best. He kind of looked at me funny. He probably thought it was the Morphine.

The surgeon was able to do the surgery by scope. I went home on Tuesday. I was back in church the following Sunday teaching my class. My simple prayer through the pain that the Morphine was barely helping went something like this- “Jesus if you want me in Romania this surgeon has to be able to do this with a scope and not the old way”.

I did go to Romania. It was a wonderful trip. I was able to share Jesus with a college group. I was able to preach their Easter Sunday service. I was able to see some dear friends. The gospel must go forth and as Jesus promised “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the kingdom of Jesus.


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