Where is Jesus after 2,000 years- signs of His coming

Every year in March when we see the first Robins appear we think Spring is coming. Those little birds who I ignore most of the year get my attention in March. There are other signs I pay attention to such as dark clouds forming quickly in Nebraska in April to June mean a bad thunderstorm is coming. Jesus spoke of signs of His coming. What if I told you that things like Blogs, Twitter, facebook and Google were a sign that Jesus will come again? There are two issues that the internet relates to that Jesus spoke about.

1- Jesus said that when He returns all the world will be able to see. We live in a global economy and a global village. We can easily see things happening all over the world because of the internet and TV. In fact when the news media was kicked out of Iran during the elections there we still received news about it through You Tube, Twitter and facebook. One comforting thing is that when Jesus actually does return there will be no doubt about it. It will be obvious for all to see.

2- Jesus said that knowledge will increase. The word He used for increase refers to an explosion in growth. Thanks to the internet we now have access to more information than ever. It is increasing faster than ever.

The next time you log into Twitter, Word Press, facebook, You Tube, Google or anything else on the internet or read a blog try to remember this- you are logging into what is a sign that Jesus will return. Maybe in our lifetime. The real question is not when. The real question is ARE WE READY?


2 thoughts on “Where is Jesus after 2,000 years- signs of His coming

    1. good question. The Bible says anyone who believes in Jesus is ready for Him to come. We are not judged because we trust in Jesus. The question to ask yourself is have you come to your own personal faith in Jesus? the next issue is are we living the way he wants us to live when He returns so we canhear Him say ‘good job’

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