Where is Jesus? Signs of His return- ISRAEL

Whatever one might think of Israel whether pro-Israel or against Israel there is no denying that the tiny little nation of Israel gets a lot of attention in the world, by governments, the UN, media etc. It seems strange that such a tiny country would get so much attention. Consider that it has only been there since 1948 and it seems even stranger. That is until you see what the bible says about Israel.

Over 2,500 years ago it was prophesied(predicted) that Israel would be forced out of its land and in ONE day would become a nation again and that God would bring them back from the North, South, East and West. Jesus said that Jerusalem would be destroyed which it was in 70 AD. Jesus also said that Israel would be back in the land and it would be a sign of His return.

In May 1948 the UN passed a resolution recognizing Israel’s right to exist thus making it a country in ONE DAY just as the bible stated over 2,500 years ago. They started to come back from every corner of the world, North, South, East and West. 1948 was a big year for things coming into place that Jesus said would be a sign of His coming. 1948 was a significant year for TV, Computers and Israel back in the land.

Israel being back in the land is like having a huge neon sign that says New York next exit. You see the sign and pay attention if you want to go to New York. The Neon sign alone would get your attention.  Israel being a country again after 1,870 years of non-existence should get our attention. Especially when we consider that it happened in ONE DAY.

The question is not whether Jesus will come again or even when. The question is are we ready?


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