Where is Jesus? Signs of His return- China: God moves in China and a 200 million man army

It is fascinating to me how the bible spoke about two current realities in China a long time ago, one of them with a detail of the size of an army. One sign is wonderful to think about. The other causes awe. Both deal with China a country many would not think as having much of a role in Christianity.

The first current reality that fascinates me was written about about 2,700 years ago by a man named Isaiah. He wrote in Isaiah 49:9-12 about a work of God to bring the light of Jesus to China. He wrote- “He will guide them Surely these shall come from afar and from the land of Sinam” Sinam is in reference to China. You may have heard of Sino-China. Isaiah wrote about how the message of Jesus would come to China in a large way. Currently in China the church is growing very fast and wonderful things are happening.

The other which should cause some awe and fear. John in in the last book of the bible Revelation writes about a massive army that will come to do battle with the anti-Christ in the last war in Armageddon. John wrote the size of the army which is called the Armies of the East. The number he wrote was two hundred thousand thousand. That comes to an army of 200 million. China’s current army is estimated at 2 million which would seem far less than the 200,000,000 John wrote about. However the population of China being over 1,000,000,000 it seems possible for a 200,000,000 person army. Then when I think about the fact that the John wrote the armies of the East. that would mean China and possibly other countries from the East in an alliance. Interesting thing caught  my attention this week. China and India are talking about how they could work together concerning Afghanistan. Add China and India together in an alliance and it is easy to conceive of a 200,000,000 person army. Those two countries combined have over 2,000,000,000 people.

What should get our attention is the fact that the population of the earth was no where big enough 2,000 years ago to conceive of an army this size. Whether the 200,000,000 is literal or figurative to express a huge army, either way,  it was written about 2,000 years ago when it would have been inconceivable. It is no longer inconceivable.

This is another sign that should get our attention. It is exciting to me. The question is not if or when Jesus will return. The question is are we ready?


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