Prayer- Thankfulness/Gratitude- our attitudes show what is in our hearts

One day when Jesus was here on earth He healed 10 people who were lepers. Their disease meant social isolation and rejection. Lepers had to go to leper colonies to wait to die apart from their families. If others saw lepers walking close by they would yell out Lepers!! and throw rocks at them. Jesus healed all ten people. That instant their lives were radically changed. They could leave the leper colony. They could go back to live in dignity. He told them to go show themselves to the priest to follow their law’s teaching. After they did so, 1 of them came back to thank Jesus. Jesus made an observation worth noting. He said- “there were ten healed but only one returns to thank me”.

It is too easy for us to not show our gratitude. God is always at work. Every day God gives us the air we breathe. Every day God shows His love. 2,000 years ago God sent His only Son, Jesus, to be our Savior by dying on a cross. Think of the great gift. We do not deserve for God to forgive us, but if we come to Jesus, God will forgive us 100%. Do we show Him we are thankful? Do we even say Thank you?

In prayer we can begin the day by thanking God for His love and for Jesus. We can thank God for many things in our lives. The question is are we like the nine who went on their way and did not thank Jesus or are the the one who came back to say Thank you?


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