What has Jesus been doing for 2,000 years? Our Sympathetic High Priest

There are numerous things Jesus continually does on our behalf. One of those things is to be our Sympathetic High Priest. He intercedes for us before God the Father. He is the one who speaks on our behalf as our advocate. He is the one who goes to the Father for us. He is the only High Priest we will ever need. He is not just our High Priest. The bible says He is our Sympathetic High Priest who can sympathize with our weaknesses for He was tempted just as we are yet without sin. He understand us. He understands the pressures of this life. He understands we are weak.

It gets better. The bible says that since we have such a High Priest let us approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we will receive grace and mercy in our time of need. Wow!! Consider this- we have permission to come to Him at anytime. Not just come, but come with confidence. Confidence that the one we come to has sympathy for us. He is not some tyrant we need to worry about changing His mind. he is the same in character yesterday, today and forever more. He will always have sympathy for us.

As we go through this life with the struggles we face whether they are part of normal life such as school pressures, job pressures, finances or extraordinary like being refugees, fleeing from war, immigrating to America, trying to learn English or trying to survive in America, let us come to Him daily to find grace and mercy. We can come anytime. As the commercial said- Just do it. Do it and see what happens.


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