Religion that God accepts- Care for the Orphans and Widows

Personally I do not like the word religion because it communicates a system of works we do to be accepted by God or to achieve a level of spirituality. I tell people I do not have a religion but that I have a relationship with Jesus that I do not deserve. The bible does say in James 1:27 “Religion that God accpets is to care for the widows and Orphans”. In the bible God also calls Himself a Father to the fatherless.

If we have received and experienced the love of God through Jesus, we need to remember the rest of it “we love because He first loved us”. Christian love is not selfish. It is mean to be shared and shown to others. We cannot call ourselves Christians if we do not care for others. A great way to show the love of God is to love those who cannot give anything back to us. Orphans are not able to give back to us. The bible speaks of defending them, caring for them, and providing for them.

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