Prayer- a young man gets out of a seemling hopeless situation

In 1989 I rented an apartment with a friend whose family is from Iraq.  My friend grew up in America and thought of himself as an American. His father went back to live in Iraq and my friend finished high school here. His younger brother was too young to saty here without his parents, so he went back to Iraq.

Their father wanted to send the younger brother here to visit for his 21st birthday as a gift. The younger brother was born here, so if he decided to stay here it was no problem. The problem was the issue of being allowed to leave Iraq. That was when Sadaam was in the height of his power in Iraq. It di dnot look very hopeful for my friend’s younger brother to get out. We met with my brother, my friend’s sister and my sister-in-law to pray. We fasted and prayed for him to get out of Iraq. We looked to Jesus for His help.

The day came for the younger brother to leave. It was common for Sadaam’s government to sell more tickets than they had seats for on the plane. It was also common for young menr to not be allowed out of the country, so we had two issues to pray about.  When the younger brother went to the airport he was treated very well and allowed to board the plane. Our prayers had been answered. What is even more amazing is that five days after he arrived in Lincoln Sadaam invaded Kuwait. We sat in the living room and watched the morning news about what had happened. I told him that it was Jesus who had helped him to get out.


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