I Can Do ALL Things through Christ who gives me strength

I just finished chatting on line with a young person. I enjoyed the chat. During the chat she wrote that she wished she could be half as good of a writer as me. I replied that my goal for her is to be better than I am. She replied I can’t. I quickly replied that I have one rule- never say I can’t. Say I will try.

The reason that is my view of life is because of what it says in the bible. It says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. There have been times in my life that others gave up on me or told me that maybe I could not do something. I heard that so  many times when I was sick and dying and the early months of recovering. When they would say that to  me, my thought was “you must be reading a different bible than I am” or “you must believe in a different Jesus than I know”. I went from losing memory and not recognizing people to being able to remember how to greet people in 30 languages. I went from not knowing if I would have a future in this life to helping others build towards their future.

That is why I never let my friends who come to the classes at my church say “I can’t”. I know that if they try they will reach higher than where they were before. We may not always make it, but we will reach higher.


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