The love of Jesus blew the minds of even the angels

Several years ago  wrote a Drama Monologue for a worship service. I tried to put myself in the shoes of the angels trying to comprehend that Jesus had become a human baby. I wrote it from Gabriel’s  perspective. He was the angel that God sent to Mary to tell her of His plan. Imagine Gabriel receiving those instructions from God, ” Go tell this young teenage girl that she will give birth to Me”. I wonder if Gabriel tried to wrap his brain around that plan. Here was Jesus who has always been alive and is the eternal God telling Gabriel that Jesus would become a human baby.

Imagine Gabriel seeing the baby Jesus in the Manger. Only 9 months before that, Jesus was on His throne in heaven and then there He was a human baby. The bible talks about how even the angels long to comprehend the will of God on the salvation of humans. Now try to comprehend for yourself that the eternal God loved you so much He left heaven to become a human baby to fulfill the plan of God, so that we can be forgiven. I cannot comprehend it. It is beyond my understanding. I can only receive it and trust in it. As I celebrate Christmas my foremost thought will be about the love of Jesus that blew the minds of even the angels.


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