Saying yes to God is not always easy- Mary’s example

At Christmas time I tend to think more about the example of Mary that we can all follow. Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel who told her about God’s plan to bring Jesus into the world as a human baby. Mary was a virgin and at that time it was not possible for a virgin to have a child. There were no fertility clinics to go to back then.

Mary wondered how it could happen and the Angel told her through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mary said yes to the plan of God. The plan for Jesus to leave heaven and come to earth to be born as a human baby. One not so little problem for Mary when she said yes to the plan of God. She was then at risk to be stoned to death. That was when they killed someone by thrownig rocks at them. That is what could happen to a woman who had sex outside of marriage. By Mary saying yes to God’s plan, it put her at risk for others to not believe here.

Mary was okay. No one hurt her and her fiancee kept her after an angel told him the baby was from God. However, her example of courage to say yes to God inspite of possible consequences is a an example we should all follow.


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