Busy Angels at the first Christmas- Joseph’s story

Imagine being engaged to a woman and she comes and tells you that she is pregnant and the father is God. You might have thoughts like, can’t you come with a better lie than that, or have you gone crazy. When Mary told Joseph about how the Angel Gabriel told her she would have a child from God and that she was pregnant, Joseph understandably didn’t believe her. He was a good man and did not want to cause trouble for her. He was going to end their relationship quietly, so she would not be killed.

The angel of the Lord came to Joseph in a dream and told Joseph the baby was indeed from God and to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife. Joseph took Mary as his wife and became the step-father of Jesus. It does seem too incredible to believe that God loved us so much the eternal Son of God who had no beginning and will never have an end stepped out of eternity to become a human baby to save us. The question we have to ask ourselves is whether we will believe this incredible story and trust Jesus or reject Him.


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