Busy Angels at the first Christmas- The greatest wake up call ever

When Jesus was born, God made an announcement for the world to know about it. If we were to plan such an announcement, we would get CNN, FOX News, BBC, every possible media outlet to run with the story. The story would run 24 hours a day for quite a while. God made the greatest announcement to ever be given by sending Angels to shepherds in their field with their sheep. Shepherds? What is up with that? Shepherds were dirty and smelled like sheep.

The Angels woke them up and announced the birth of the Savior of the world. That Jesus was for ALL people. They also sang a heavenly choir song to the shepherds. What a way to wake up! We would all be startled by such a wake up call. I would wonder why they came to me of all people if it happened today. The shepherds went quickly into Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. The baby Jesus born to be the Savior of ALL people, poor and rich, high class and low class, respected and disrespected, every ethnic group, every race, every body. That is why the Angels were sent to shepherds.

That and Jesus was called the Lamb of God. These shepherds probably took care of the lambs that were used in the Jewish sacrificial system. Jesus came to save us by sacrificing himself on the cross. The baby Jesus would grow to be our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

That is why the Angelic wake up call was given to shepherds because Jesus was the sacrificial lamb for ALL people.


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