Dreams at the first Christmas

Jesus was born at a time when there were no computers, fax machines, or cell phones. There was no text messaging or chat. Communication took days and sometimes weeks or even months depending on how far the news had to travel. Distance is no problem for God. If God wants to communicate, He can do it with or without human involvement. Such was the case at the first Christmas.

Joseph did not want to take Mary as his wife because he did not believe her story at first. An Angel spoke to Joseph in a dream to tell him that the baby Jesus was from God. Sometime after the baby Jesus was born, King Herod wanted to kill the baby Jesus but the Angel again came to Joseph in a dream and warned him to leave and take Mary and Jesus and escape before Herod’s soldiers came. The 3 wise men were asked by Herod to tell him where they found the baby, but they were warned in a dream that Herod wanted to harm the baby, so they left by another way. After Herod died, God spoke to Joseph again in a dream to tell him it was safe to return.

God is always speaking. He can speak through others. He can speak through the bible. He can speak in many ways. The two questions are; are we listening and will we follow through on what we are told.


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