God does special work through impossible births

The birth of any child is a special occasion because a new life has come into the world. Birth is a miracle of God. There a few births that really stand out in the bible that only happened because of the miracle working power of God.

Abraham and Sarah had their son Isaac when Sarah was over 90 years old. She had not had any children yet and God blessed her with a son when she was too old to have a child. They named him Isaac which means laughter because they understood the humor involved. The birth of Isaac happened in a way that showed that it could only happen because of God. Isaac carried on the line of Abraham that led to the birth of Jesus over 2,000 years later.

Moses was born when the Pharaoh of Egypt wanted all the first born Jewish boys killed to prevent a deliverer from rising up. Moses’s mother placed him in a basket and Moses ended up being raised by Pharaoh’s household. Even better was the fact that they needed someone to nurse him and that ended up being Moses’s birth mother. Moses went on to be used of God to deliver the Jews from slavery in Egypt.

John the Baptist was born to a couple, Zechariah and Elizabeth, when they were old. Elizabeth had not had any children yet and was past the childbearing age. God caused Elizabeth to be able to become pregnant with John the Baptist who went on to prepare the people for Jesus to come.

The most special birth of all was the birth of Jesus. It was spoken about over 700 years before Jesus came by a man named Isaiah. He wrote- “a sign will be given to you, a virgin will be with child…” A virgin will be with child. That could happen today with modern medicine assisting, but back then there was one way to get pregnant and that was to have sex. A virgin with child would be a great miracle indeed. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. The Holy Spirit caused it to happen. Jesus went on to die for our sins and defeat death by coming back to life on the third day.


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