Busy Preparing for Christmas- don’t get too busy you might miss out like the first Christmas

Today is Super Saturday and the stores are busy. I had lunch with friends at a Mongolian Grill close to Westfield-Gateway- Mall. The restaurant was full. There was a lot of traffic. This week people will be busy with shopping and preparing for Christmas. We can get so busy that we miss out on what is really important much like the first Christmas.

The first Christmas Bethlehem was full of people. They had come for the census decreed by Caesar. It was so busy that Joseph and Mary could not find a place to stay. There was no way to do advanced reservations since no technology existed. Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem for the census to find there was no place for them to stay. They ended up staying in a stable where the animals slept and ate. That was in the plan of God, but it raises one thought in my mind. Think of all the people who said they did not have room for a man and his pregnant wife. Think of the Inn Keeper that would not make room for them and put them in the stable. All of those people missed out on the chance to say that the Savior of the World was born at their house or place. They missed out on being eyewitnesses of the great miracle of a God becoming a man.

That leads me to another question. Will we be too busy this Christmas to make room for Jesus in our lives? Will we miss out on the opportunity to be able to talk about the wonderful things Jesus did for us this Christmas?


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