Good news of great joy for ALL people

When the angels announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds they said something wonderful. They told the shepherds that there was good news of great joy for ALL people. Jesus the Savior was born. The announcement was made to one of the lowest classes of people. Shepherds were not high in society yet they are the ones that god sent the Angel to give the announcement to. God’s ways are not  our ways. We would send the angel to the UN or to the President of a country. God sent them to shepherds because God wants us to knwo and understand that Jesus is indeed for ALL people.

Jesus is for the poor and rich, for the important and unimportant, the educated and uneducated, for the Asians, the Africans, the Hispanics, the Europeans, the Arabs. Jesus is for ALL people. All means one hundred per cent of ALL people ever born and yet to be born. He is the fullest and most complete expression of God’s love for us that has ever and will ever be shown. God loves YOU. God loves ALL of US, no exceptions and no preconditions. The only question is- do we want to receive His love?


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