Thoughts about Haiti- the Compassion of Jesus

Whenever there is a severe tragedy such as the one in Haiti, it causes me to pray and seek Jesus, but I have to admit I wonder why it had to happen. I do not have answers to such a question that satisfy me in the face of such suffering and I do not really care to try. What I do concentrate on is the as a Christian I am called to show the love and compassion of Jesus to those who are suffering.

One time when Jesus was ministering to the masses of people who followed Him, He stopped and looked at them and according to the bible was filled with compassion for them because He saw them as sheep that were scattered and helpless in need of a shepherd. That is how Jesus feels now for those suffering in Haiti. That is how He feels every time there is a tragedy such as the Tsunami that hit South Asia or the earthquake that hit Haiti.

My privilege as a Christian is to show the love and compassion of Jesus. I say privilege because I have experienced His love and compassion for me personally, so it is a privilege that I can show His love and compassion to others. I cannot go to Haiti. I wish I could. Two things I can do is to pray for the suffering and for those who go to help them and give what I am able to give to efforts to help them. One ministry that I have always been impressed with is Samaritan’s Purse. They do an excellent job of helping those who are suffering in many places in the world while sharing the love of Jesus.


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