God is a loving heavenly father so let’s call home

This morning in my international bible study we talked about how God loves each person individually and the fact that God loves all people means that all people have value to God. We talked about how God is a loving heavenly father who wants us as His children. One of my helpers shared the quote’ “God is our Father so call home”. It was so appropriate because in my class were people from Brazil, China, Malaysia, Peru and Vietnam. All of them have family back home and call them on a frequent basis. Calling home means more to them than it does to someone who lives in the same city as their family.

We are here on earth and not in heaven yet, but we can call home anytime and not worry about time zones or waking God up. He wants to hear from us anytime. He is waiting for us to call home. He has invited us to call home so the only question is will we?


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