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Jesus often spoke in parables, stories, to use examples to teach spiritual truths. One day he told the parable of the sower. The sower in those days would walk along and throw the seeds. They did not have the modern machinery to precisely plant the seed that farmers in America have today. The method of the sower walking along throwing his seeds, or casting his seeds, was not a precise way to do it. The seeds fell in different places and depending on what kind of soil it would fall on, different results would happen.

Jesus talked about how some seed fell on the path and was eaten by birds. Some seed fell on rocky soil and would spring up quickly but then the wind would blow it over. Some seed would fall among the thorns, weeds, and get choked out. Some seed would fall on good soil and produce a harvest.

The seed is the message about how God loves us and sent his Son Jesus to die for us to pay our penalty for our sins and if we trust in Him and ask for forgiveness we can be forgiven and have relationship with God. The soil in the story represents our hearts. The question is what kind of soil are we? Are we the path where the message never takes root? Are we the rocky area where the seed springs up quickly but gets blown down? Are we the soil with weeds and the message gets choked out by the cares of this life? Or are we the good soil that produces a lot of fruit? Do we grow and serve Jesus n this life?


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