Jesus our guide is with us when our journey gets rough in this life

Yesterday I wrote about the saying a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and how the journey is eternal life and relationship with God and how Jesus is our guide on the journey. The bible talks about how we are like aliens in this life. We belong to heaven when we believe in Jesus, so our lives here are as strangers since we belong to heaven. When we believe in Jesus we belong in heaven and to God, but we are still here for now and in this life we will still have problems.

Jesus said, “In the world you will have many troubles, but cheer up I have overcome the world:. While we are in this life, we will face the same struggles anyone faces. The difference is that our guide Jesus is with us and He has overcome all. When I was sick and it looked like I would die, it was a low time in my life. At times I was alone in my struggle to survive because friends had forsaken me. He guided me to a new church, but I could not make it every week and did not know many people there. I thought I was there to pray for them on my way to dying. There were times in prayer that His presence filled my room and it felt like I was in His presence for hours when it was actually only minutes. The night I thought I was going to die I prayed. My prayer went like this, “Dear Jesus if tonight you want to take me home that is okay, but more people need to hear about you and more people need help”. When I finished praying, I felt His hand touch my shoulder and was filled with peace. The next day the doctor figured out what was wrong, gave me a prescription, and the result was that I survived.

Jesus has been with me in every difficult time. All of the low places in life, all of dark times, all of the seemingly hopeless times, He has been with me. He has been with me in all of the good times as well and there have been many of those. he has raised me up to a place in life that I do not deserve.

If you are having a rough time in your journey, look to Jesus. He wants to help and be with you. He proved that when He died for us on the cross and defeated death through His resurrection. If He loved us so much He would die for us, He loves us so much to be with us and help us in our rough times.


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