GPS not needed on our Journey

As we go on our journey there will be times that we may feel uncertain regarding which way to go. There will be choices and difficult decisions along the way. At times it may not seem clear which way to go. I often share with my friends in my Sunday class that we do not need GPS or Google Maps to know they way.

During my first trip to Romania I was confused about how to get to my host home. My Romania friends gave directions in a way that Americans do not usually think. They would say two stops and then get on number # bus and go 3 stops. Their were many times that I would get on the bus not sure of where I was going and every time there would be someone on the bus I had met in the English camp or from the church. They would help me to know where I was going. I finally told my translator Mihai that the directions people were giving me were confusing and the numerous different buses were confusing. He drew me a map of the area around my host home and I had no more problems. That was in 1997 before there was GPS and Google Maps.

In our spiritual journey we will have times that we feel confused as if we are in a foreign country in need of directions. Our guide Jesus will not only give us directions. He will do more because He Himself is the Way. Jesus said of Himself. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. no one comes to the father but through me.” Jesus is the way and when it comes to our final step of the journey in this life, which is when we die, Jesus will be the on who picks us up and takes us to heaven. GPS and Google Maps cannot give us the directions there, but who needs them when our guide Jesus not only knows the way, but is Himself the way.


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