Mary asked-“How can this be?”- a question we have at times

When the angel Gabriel told Mary she had been chosen to have the Son of God, Jesus, she asked a question that makes a lot of sense to me considering her life situation at the time. Mary was a virgin at the time, so she wondered how it could happen. Gabriel explained the child would be from God and that the Holy Spirit would perform the miracle.

When I think about her question, I realize how many times I have had the same question when God shows me He wants me to do something. My most recent time was last summer when He showed me he wanted me to study Spanish at the age of 52. I stepped out and began my classes last summer wondering how I would do. I had an A my first quarter and and getting an A in my second quarter.

Another time was when He showed me while I was on a trip in Bucharest Romania in October 1999 that He wanted to me to teach English. I had limited experience at that point having only taught in a few English camps in Romania in 1997 and 1998. It was a complete change of direction for me in my life. I wondered how it could be God’s will for me to do so and how it would work out. I took the first steps to begin teaching English in Lincoln and each step along the way He has guided me. I have been teaching English for ten years in Lincoln and have since that trip to Bucharest have also taught in English camps in Romania and France.

It is normal to wonder -how can this be- when we begin something new especially when it seems unlikely to be successful or when there are many obstacles. The answer to Mary’s question is the answer for all of us when we wonder- How can this be. The answer is “with God nothing is impossible”.


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