Christmas Season- Joseph’s 2nd Dream Leads the Family to Safety

The angel spoke to Joseph in three dreams. The first one was to assure Joseph the baby Mary was pregnant with was indeed from God. The second dream was a warning to get out of town fast because danger was coming. King Herod was furious that the three wise men did not return to tell him where the baby was, so Herod ordered all of the male babies under 2 years of age to be killed in Bethlehem. Imagine what must have been going through Joseph’s mind as he woke Mary up and told her they needed to flee to safety. As Mary’s husband and Jesus’ step-father, Joseph was responsible for their protection and welfare. He was told by the angel in his first dream that the baby was from God and now the angel tells him the baby is in danger.

So the Prince of Peace was born and King Herod wanted to kill Him. Jesus who came to bring us back to God, who healed the sick, who brought the dead back to life and performed many other miracles, as a baby was a threat to a king. Love had come into the world in the baby Jesus and evil wanted to destroy Him.

It makes me want to pray for the protection of those I care about and also pray to be able show His love to those who have suffered due to the violence of others such as my friends who have come her as refugees and my friends who have come here seeking a better life and have been taken advantage of. There is great deal of suffering in the world and there are people around us who need love and compassion.


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