Visits by Jesus After His Resurrection- Peter’s Failure Forgiven

I love to read about the visits by Jesus after His resurrection because they show us more about His character through how He related with people who knew Him. Peter is a great example of how even though we fail, Jesus will reach out to us and give us another fresh start.

Peter had a forceful and impulsive personality. He could be brilliant one moment and make a blunder the next. When Jesus told His disciples that He would die and they would fail Him, Peter proclaimed he that even if he died, he would not fail Jesus. Jesus told Peter that Peter would deny Jesus 3 times before Jesus would be crucified. Peter did exactly that. He denied Jesus 3 times. He had lost face with the other disciples in the process because they knew it.

During one of Jesus’ visits, Jesus met the disciples on the seashore. He was cooking some fish for them. He ate breakfast with them and then restored Peter. He asked Peter 3 times in front of the other disciples the same question- “Peter do you love me?” Each of those times Peter answered yes and each of those times Jesus gave Peter a job- “then feed my sheep” meaning take care of the followers of Jesus. Peter the one who messed up big time was restored by Jesus.

No matter how much we mess up, Jesus will be there to restore us and give us a new start. His mercy and grace are beyond our understanding.


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