You Are Safe Here Part 2- My Yazidi Student Did Great :)

There is someone that will read this who needs to know something. The person I am writing about will see it and I want her to know how PROUD I am of her. This is a message for her to know I respect and appreciate her and maybe my followers and readers will appreciate it and be inspired by her

Last week I wrote about my student who wrote about her experience as a young Yazidi woman when ISIS invaded her area of Iraq. The Yazidi people were victims of genocide and terrible atrocities at the hands of criminals.

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For me it is important to give my refugee friends a voice. I want them to know that I respect them. I want them to feel they are valued and important to me. It is SO SAD for me to think that ISIS labeled my Yazidi friends as less then human to try to “excuse” the terrible crimes committed that there is NO EXCUSE for.

I try to let my Yazidi friends know I am their friend by helping them, teaching them, and joining in on their celebrations like I did in April when I danced with them at their holiday celebration.

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Last night My student gave her presentation about what her family and people endured when ISIS came. She is such a gentle soul. She is all of, maybe, 5 feet tall. She still has a beautiful smile even though she went through an ordeal we cannot imagine. Her family lost their home. People she knew were killed.

Having experienced the love of Jesus, my desire is to show his love to people from all over the world. Jesus has blessed me with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and the experience has left me with a strong appreciation for the value of each person, regardless of where they came from, their culture, their religion, their ethnic group etc. Each person I meet is FULLY a human being that God loves. Each person I meet is someone that Jesus loved so much that he died for them.

I was SO PROUD of my student last night. She shared the reality of what her people suffered and how it affected her. She kept her poise while presenting about something that affected her so personally. She is a remarkable young woman. I am confident she will have a good future here in America. 🙂

Respecting the dignity of each person is something that seems imperative for us. It is as simple as this- Jesus loves all people, so we should too.






4 thoughts on “You Are Safe Here Part 2- My Yazidi Student Did Great :)

  1. Heartbreaking that your student experienced such treatment! I can well understand why you are proud of her! That required a lot of courage to speak about such a horrendous time in the life of her family. God bless your student, her family and you!

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