Theme for my day- Empowerment

The theme for my day today is empowerment. Today will also be a fun day for me as I help people from three different Latin Cultures, Brazilian, Cuban, and Mexican. Yes, I will be helping them with various things, but I always enjoy my time with my Brazilian friends and my Hispanic friends.


My day will start with helping a friend from Brazil. She brought me the coffee, Goiabada, and coffee cup from Brazil. This morning she will take the placement test for which level of ESL class she will be in. I will go out to the college to help her meet the people she needs to meet. She is here for four months to do a kind of internship at my church and wants to improve her English too.

Then I will go to my church to meet with a friend from Cuba who will be taking the TOEFL, Test of English Foreign Language, soon. We will study together for a few hours.

After that my friend from California, Mexican culture, will meet with me to work on her resume. She is a Medical Assistant.

The common theme thread for all three is empowerment. Itย  is a blessing to know that in small ways I can help them reach higher in life while at the same time show them God’s love in the process.

Jesus empowered many people while he was on earth and continues to empower anyone who will come to him. When he first came to his disciples, people he mentored, his invitation was:

“Followย me, and I will make you fishers ofย men”

Jesus spoke those words to common every day fishermen. They were not the kind of people that religious leaders would have chosen. But Jesus chose them to mentor and prepare them to go out and start the church.

If we follow Jesus, he will make our lives so much more meaningful than they could be on our own. He has the power to change our lives. I love the saying that he loves us so much that he accepts us the way we are, but he loves us too much to leave us the way we are.

My hope for my three friends who I will meet with today is that they rise higher in life and more importantly that they will know the of God in Jesus.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.



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