My Mornings with 20 Moms :)


I shared this photo on my Facebook and Instagram yesterday and got a lot of likes etc. I had a spontaneous idea yesterday morning to have someone take a picture of me holding up the cartoon book in Spanish and wrote about how I did some serious reading.

For me it represents what my morning class is about. I go to an Elementary School in the mornings to teach a group of 20 moms English at the same school their children got to. They have had lifelong obstacles to learning they had no control over before beginning my class. I know they have stress trying to learn English to help their children, so I use humor to help them feel more relaxed.

Laughter often fills the room as I tell them the same jokes about how I am only 20 years old, my birth date is June 8 1998, or that shopping is scary. They always enjoy when I talk about cooking in the microwave.

One mom who was extremely shy when she started my class has really excelled. I ask her each morning at the beginning of class if she ate a cookie because she loves cookies. She smiles and tells me yes or no.

Two moms are having babies this month. One of them is my friend on Facebook, She always jokes with me in class. I love it when the moms joke with me. She is on maternity leave from class until March.

One mom is so cute. She is shorter than some of the 5th graders in school. She has perhaps the lowest level of English. The other day she got lost in the school as she returned from PACT time- Parent and Child Together, which is when they visit their child’s classroom. All of the students love having her in class.

Yesterday was Parenting Class morning. We have speakers come in and talk with them. During the 2nd hour, the School Psychologist came and did a sewing project with them. I let them know, jokingly, if they need help to let me know. They laughed. At the end I told them I was proud of them that they could sew without my help. They smiled and laughed.

Each Wednesday morning we call Kathleen Day in class because a woman who is a grandmother has volunteered for us on Wednesday mornings for many years. The students love Kathleen Day in class. Kathleen share pictures with them, stories about her family and grandchildren with them, and hugs them.

Each morning I spend some time with Jesus and pray the same thing. I ask him to help me show his love to my students. I also pray for them and their life circumstances. I firmly believe that spending time in prayer each morning sets the tone for the morning with my students.

My students come from Burma, Guatemala, Iraq, Mexico, and Syria. They are all moms who want the same thing, a future for their children. Life is hard for them. They all all low income at best. They do the best they can to make a new life here in America. None of them would harm a fly so to speak. I would challenge anyone who buys into the rhetoric about refugees and immigrants to come spend a few weeks with me and these wonderful women. It would be eye opening. They are a wonderful group of moms.

I just wanted to share about my mornings with the moms because it is a huge part of my life.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.



9 thoughts on “My Mornings with 20 Moms :)

  1. It’s great that you volunteer doing this. Kathleen H is a very close friend of mine and she is a wonderful person. I am glad that all of you are here for these women. God Bless You all!!

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