Seeing Myself Through The Eyes of My Refugee Friends

It is easy to get in a funk sometimes and for me that has been true the past week or so. Sleep being interrupted due to waking up in pain after rolling onto my bad shoulder, wondering if the upcoming blood tests will finally show something, and of course the freezing weather have all combined to get me down a bit.

In such times my normal attitude is to just forge ahead and keep going. I have kept my prayer time, continued to listen to worship music, and read my bible, but not much of a spring in my step lately.

But then it happened again, something that might seem small or insignificant to others but is a huge boost to me. It is when God lets me see how others view me especially someone he has brought into my life to share his love with.

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I call her my little sister. She is part of a Mandean family I have gotten to know the past several months. They came here as refugees. It has been my privilege to get to know them and help them with their new lives in America. She wrote about me and a line in what she wrote blessed me.

“He calls me a little sister. Although he is not my real brother, I think he is kinder than a real brother.”

It is because of my little sister from Iran and my other refugee friends that enduring difficult times is worth it for me. What she wrote was definitely a boost for me.

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Her first response when she heard I injured my shoulder was to tell me she would bring me dinner and she did. I wish people could see what I see when I spend time with her and her family and with other refugees. Jesus has filled my heart with so much love for them.

Tomorrow I will go to my doctors office early for blood tests, hopefully not too many vials, and in the afternoon I will go to my first physical therapy appointment for my shoulder. Knowing there are people Jesus wants me to show his love to, makes it worth it to do what I need to do to get healthier.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.


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