My Mornings with 20 Moms- Test Day :)


Yesterday it was time, the moment my students were waiting for. It was time for them to have their first follow up test to measure progress with their English. They were all either a little or very nervous. It is such a big deal for them.

It is a big enough of a deal for them to come to class and step out of their comfort zone to study English as an adult trying to make a new life in a new country. They are busy moms taking care of their families. The reason they come to class is to help their children.

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The test is an oral skills test, BEST Plus, that is administered one on one by a tester who comes with a laptop.

My awesome Wednesday volunteer Kathleen was in class with us. She had given us a small blow up globe to use in class, and yesterday we used it to for a fun activity while students were coming and going from the test. The students passed the globe to each other and had to say a country they wanted to visit and why.

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I was glad Kathleen could be there to see three special moments for three students. She has volunteered in my class for five years, so she met the three students when they first started my class and has watched their progress. The three students, two from Mexico and one a Yazidi mom from Iraq, each passed the oral skills test.

One of the moms from Mexico has anxiety. When she went to take the test, I silently prayed for her asking God to help her to relax and remember.

The other mom from Mexico is shy. When she went to take the test, I silently prayed for her too to feel relaxed.

The Yazidi mom has struggled with health issues the past several months. When she went to take the test, I silently prayed for her.

When they came back with the tester, the tester whispered to let me know they passed. When they came back to class and the tester let me know they passed, I had the student come to the front, so I could announce they had passed the test. We clapped for them and I gave each of them a high five.

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All of the students tested yesterday improved, so we will celebrate before spring break in a few weeks. Each of my students made progress and can tell their children they did well on the test.

Their children know mom is in the school going to English class. It takes come courage to step out and do something so different for them. Many of the moms never had the chance to go to high school in their countries. Their children can be proud of their moms.

Each morning I am thankful God has placed me with this group of special moms, so i can empower them with English. When we can celebrate their achievements, it motivates me even more to pray for them and their families.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.




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