What Squirrels Teach Us About Perception

There is a blogger I follow Sunshiny SA, Kavitha. She lives in South Africa and sometimes shares photos of the scenic views there and the wildlife in Africa. She had a recent post with pictures of lions etc about Kruger National Park.

So I wanted to share a photo of wildlife here in Lincoln Nebraska. 🙂


We don’t have much wildlife here actually. Squirrels are the most common. Occasionally one might see a raccoon or a possum. On rare occasions a few deer might wander into the city.

The squirrels are harmless and will dart away quickly if someone approaches them. They scamper about the ground and in the trees. They are such a common sight that they don’t really register in my mind. However, there have been a few times that friends from other countries who are new to my city have expressed fear about the squirrels.

It is all a matter of perception. My perception of the squirrels is that of someone that has seen them all over the place all of my life. I realize they are afraid of me and do not attack. The will run to the nearest tree to climb up it quickly if I approach or if a dog chases them. But for someone who has never seen them before, I guess they might be frightening.

Perception is an interesting thing. Especially trying to understand things from the perception of Jesus compared to ours.

Death is our greatest fear. For Jesus, death is nothing. It is a been there, done that, and defeated it thing.

Think of any problems we might have. For us, they can be monumental and impossible. For Jesus, they are temporary problems in our lives that he already knows the outcome. He knows what will happen, how he will use them in our lives to help us grow, and how he will help us overcome them.

One thing that causes me to have anxiety is going to the doctor. My blood pressure is always higher at the doctor’s office. My perception is like that of my friends from other countries who are at first afraid of the squirrels. For Jesus, The Great Physician, doctor’s offices are nothing to be afraid of. Jesus already knows the outcome of my appointments before I go, but still I have anxiety.

Being in an international airport is relaxing for me though. For others, flying and being in an international airport trying to find their gate causes anxiety.

Perceptions of the same thing will vary from person to person. I am most interested in the perception of Jesus because he is the one who has all power and controls my eternal destiny.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.



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