It Has Been 1 Year Since…..

It has been 1 year since I started writing in my blog consistently. I actually started this blog in 2009, but due to foggy brain from Celiacs Disease, my writing was sporadic at best. When I renewed my efforts for this blog, I had about 30 followers. It has grown to over 340 since last year. I am grateful for those who follow, read, like and comment on my posts.


The name for my blog pretty much lets people know what it is about. My desire is to share about my life following Jesus though my blog. 1 year ago the post that started me on the adventure of writing almost daily was Rainy Day Writing for an Audience of One. It was about how I write for Jesus hoping it blesses others.

It has been a blessing for me to discover blogs from all over the world. I enjoy posts by bloggers from South Africa, Venezuela, Uganda, Canada, The Bahamas, the UK, and Poland to mention a few places. Connecting with other bloggers has expanded my horizons.

I look forward to another year of blogging, interacting with other bloggers, and discovering new bloggers. I will continue to share my life seeking to follow Jesus, my experiences with other cultures, my experiences teaching, my life with autoimmune issues. My focus on writing for an audience of one in hopes it blesses others will remain the same.

Thank you for reading my posts, following my blog, and for your blog posts that help keep my life interesting.

God Bless


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