One School Year Ends and a Summer Begins

Yesterday I went to take care of a few things to finish up with my classroom for my morning class for the year. It is a ritual every May for me to go put books away, sort through papers and other things to decide what to keep and what to put in recycling, and say goodbye for the summer to some of the staff.

Part of the year end ritual for me is to sit and drink a cup of coffee in the empty classroom after I finish. It is something I do to process the end of a year. The classroom may have been empty, but it is full of memories from the year with the moms in my class. Some of the moms will return in September and some I said goodbye to last week. Tomorrow we will have lunch at a popular buffet restaurant courtesy of Rotary Club 14.

As I drank my coffee, I thought about how much they accomplished this year. I also thought about the life changing moments for some of them such as two moms having babies in January.

Something else I reflected on is how much my life has changed in the five years I have taught in the school. I started teaching Family Literacy in 2009 and have been in three different schools and in this one for five years. In the past five years I have found out about two chronic illnesses I have. My reality has changed in how I live, but my calling has not changed.

Over the summer I will still teach groups at my church, evening classes at the college, and private lessons. Over the summer I will continue to visit people in their homes. Over the summer I will pray for the Lord to connect me with people who he wants me to share his love with.

But for my morning class, one year is finished and a new one will start in three months.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.


7 thoughts on “One School Year Ends and a Summer Begins

  1. Sounds like you will have a busy summer. Just curious, since you speak fluent Spanish, Do you find the Spanish language to be very different depending on what country the Spanish speaker is from?

    1. There small differences in Latin America. The biggest difference would be Spain and Latin America. My summer will be a little busy but no visits to exciting places like Florida. πŸ˜€

      1. Oh ok! It’s great to know Spanish. I think it’s the 2nd most spoken next to English in the US. And lol, yes Florida is a huge vacation spot. Lots of sunshine β˜€οΈ β˜€οΈ

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