If I were to host fellow bloggers in my city

Last week I posted about if I could arrange a bloggers retreat with the hypothetical situation of me winning millions of dollars and paying everyone’s way.

As a follow up thought, if I won that much money, I would change some things in my life. I mean, you can tell from this picture that my only real decorations are books everywhere in my apartment:


And my fashion style is clothing from Shopko. If you don’t have a Shopko where you live, think of something maybe a little better than Walmart.

So if I won millions, some changes would need to happen, but to make them I would need help, so I would invite some fellow bloggers to my city to help me. Of course I would pay their way and make it a fun event for them.

To start I would get a new house, but no one would ever say I am anything close to having any sense of taste. So I would invite Lynn of Lynn Abbott Studios. She is an artist who paints beautiful paintings, so I am sure she has good taste for how to decorate a home. She shares about her faith and also includes artwork in her posts. You can see her blog at throughinkandimage.com

My wardrobe would need a complete redo, but again, I have no fashion sense, so I would invite the following bloggers;

Natalia of renegade7x. She is from the Czech Republic, so she would be a lot of fun to talk with. She posts a lot of fashion designs. She also shares about overcoming anxiety, so she could help me with my anxiety about malls and shopping if I stress out. You can see her blog at renegade7x.com

Nikshita of shopping fix. She posts a lot about clothing and shopping. I follow her because she is from India and I love my friends from India and an Indian restaurant in my home city. You can check out her blog at shoppingfix.in

So after getting my new house and clothing taken care of, I would need to chill and relax after such a stressful time of shopping. I would give the women money to go shopping some more without me while I hang out and watch sports.

I would invite WAEL of waelsworld. We can watch some sports and he can help me motivate to finish the work. You can check out his blog at waelsworld.wordpress.com

Of course we would get hungry after such a hectic day, so we would need some good food. I would invite Emmi to be our chef for the weekend and yes she can go shopping with the gals. Emmi has a blog about food and recipes. I enjoy reading about food, but it is like torturing myself because the food looks delicious but I know I can’t cook. You can check out her food blog at emmisfoodexperience.wordpress.com

So if they ever see me post about suddenly becoming rich, they can expect an invite to my city, but perhaps don’t hold your breathe waiting for me to become rich. 🙂