Believe It Or Not- Some Things I Enjoyed about 2020

I realize it is difficult to believe anything about 2020 could have been enjoyable. It was certainly the most difficult year I can remember not just personally but for everyone.

However, there were some things I actually enjoyed that my fellow Spoonies, person living with chronic illness, will understand.

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I enjoyed staying home in my comfortable hoodie and sweat pants.

I thought it was fun that I could teach online wearing a dress shirt and sweat pants or in the summer shorts and be barefoot. I had never ever taught while barefoot before.

I loved being able to take naps between classes if needed. Having 4 chronic illnesses that each has fatigue as a common symptom, naps are a blessing.

Were there any fun little aspects of 2020 you enjoyed?

Thanks for reading. God Bless.

My New Adventure with My Microwave

For years I have extolled the virtues of using the popcorn setting on a microwave. It is such a convenient and easy way to use the microwave. I just press popcorn and then start and it cooks for 2 1/2 minutes. If more time is needed, I just repeat the process.

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Yesterday I noticed another setting on the microwave I bought about 3 years ago. It said- Baked Potato. I thought perhaps that could be a good one to use thinking that it takes longer to cook a baked potato.

But alas when I pressed baked potato, I realized that I would need to somehow enter the time to cook. That severely complicates things.

So I will continue to only use the popcorn setting for my microwave and extoll the virtues of doing so. It really is the easiest way to go.

P.S. the microwave in the picture in this post is not my microwave. Best not to scare my readers with a picture from my kitchen πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Story Time- Adventures with a Frozen Pizza

Yesterday after my morning class, I stopped at a small market near my place to buy some food. One of the items was a gluten free frozen pizza. The young woman who was the cashier asked me if they were good. She wanted to know because she is gluten sensitive. I told her, “This one is good, but the key is to not forget you put it in the oven.”

Well the rest of the story is this. I came home and put the frozen gluten free pizza in the oven and lo and behold, I got distracted. It was not a noble distraction such as an important phone call or deep studies in the bible. I was playing a word game online. Then I remembered the frozen gluten free pizza in my oven.

It was still edible, barely, but a bit overdone. lol

In my defense, the pizza did not tell me it was done, so really it is the pizza’s fault. πŸ™‚

Fortunately for us, God is much more mindful of us than I was of the frozen gluten free pizza. Jesus said in Matthew 6:

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.Β Are you not much more valuable than they?”

and in Luke 12:

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.Β Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

God knows the number of hairs on our heads. He pays attention to every little detail about us. He will never overlook us.

Now I wonder whose kitchen I should cook in? Dawn, Jenny, or Brenda?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

A Tale of 2 Days

Yesterday it was raining and cool. I could still see some green in the grass. It was a nice day for December where I live.

This is what I woke up to this morning.

This is normal for December where I live. One day no snow and the next waking up to see it snowed.

I tried to convince my little sister in Jesus, Vanessa of, that she would enjoy the snow during Blogger Chat this morning. I don’t think she agreed. She lives in a place that is never cold. I wonder if she has ever even seen snow in person. lol

What to do on a snowy day? The coffee pot is full, enjoyed Blogger Chat in Zoom, will watch some football, do some reading, and catch up on blogging. Part of me wants to go outside and have fun in the snow too.

If you live where it snows, what do you enjoy doing on snowy days?

If you live where it never snows, do you want to experience snow?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Happy Thanksgiving Day- USA- Story Time

It is Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. I would like to wish all of my fellow bloggers in the USA a Happy Thanksgiving Day. I realize that due to COVID Thanksgiving might not be the same. Some states have draconian lockdown rules. Travel is not the same.

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For my fellow bloggers in other countries, Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. is one of the biggest holidays of the year. It is a time that families come together often traveling to visit.

Many bloggers will post what they are thankful for and that is wonderful. I felt more like posting a humorous story about a Thanksgiving in the past. Hopefully it will give someone a smile or a laugh.

Many years ago, I decided to cook a Thanksgiving lunch for my weekend groups. I invited all of the people who came to my weekend groups and their spouses/families. I had it all planned and had even bought two large turkeys.

There was a restaurant that served red potatoes cooked with some of the skins still on. I loved those potatoes. So I decided to boil some red potatoes to make mashed potatoes.

I put the two large turkeys in the oven and began boiling a huge pot of potatoes. Then I realized one little problem. I did not know how to tell when the turkeys were done cooking. Since I was in the kitchen in my church basement, I had an idea.

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I went up to the main floor hoping to find one of the women from the church. I found one. It was my friend Kris. I asked her a questions, “Kris how do I know when turkeys are done?”

She answered with a question similar to ones I have heard many times, “Why what are you doing?”

I explained I was trying to cook a Thanksgiving lunch for my weekend groups. She came down and saw what perhaps was a disaster area in her mind. She took over.

She explained to me that one has to wash potatoes before boiling them and that was why there was dirt floating on the top. She also explained it takes longer to cook turkeys than to boil potatoes. I realized I was out of my league. I let her know if she helped me she could invite her family to join us.

The meal ended up being a success. My international friends enjoyed the experience. Kris’s family enjoyed a meal and I was happy that God had placed someone in my path who knew what they were doing.

So who wants me to cook for them?

Happy Thanksgiving America. Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Fun with a Plastic Fork in Class

The moms in my morning class have a lot to juggle in their lives. They have children to take care of, husbands they wake up to cook for in the mornings, so they have a lunch to take to work, and a home to manage. Throw a pandemic on top of that and one can imagine the stress they have.

One of the things I enjoy doing is at times using a little comic relief in class. My thinking is if they laugh, it will help reduce stress. A little background to yesterday’s comic relief.

I had not owned a comb for a long time because I always keep my hair short. After not being able to get a haircut until June due to COVID, I bought a comb. But after I got a haircut in June, I put said comb somewhere and now cannot find it.

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During a Zoom meeting about my class a few weeks ago, I joked I was having a bad hair day. My hair is getting long again. The woman who coordinates the program for all of the schools joked with me that I could use a plastic fork. I promptly went to the cupboard in my classroom and got a plastic fork and used it to comb my hair during the meeting.

Now on to yesterday. I told my assistant what I was going to do and asked her to ask me what I was doing when I started to use the plastic fork. Once all of the students were in class, some in person and some in Zoom, I started combing my hair with a plastic fork. My assistant asked me what I was doing. I told her I was combing my hair. The students were laughing. My assistant was laughing and could not get out the other words of- “buy a comb.”

A classic moment happened when the school librarian, who I have worked with for 7 years, walked in to bring some Chromebooks. I showed her how I comb my hair with a plastic fork. She said, “What are you Ariel from Little Mermaid now?” I told her I would try to sing like Ariel but she left the room quickly. Perhaps she did not want to hear me sing. I would not blame her. πŸ™‚

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The moms are precious souls who Jesus loves. It is my privilege to teach them and to pray for them each morning as I start my day at home over coffee. If I can give them a little joy and laughter, it is a blessing for me.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

A Glimpse Into How My Mind Works

The past few bloggers chats, my friends wanted to discuss memorizing bible verses. It caused me to remember when I was studying Greek many years ago. This might give you a glimpse into how my mind works.

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To teach us the Greek verbs endings, the professor came in with a guitar and taught us a song to help us remember the verbs endings. Fast forward 17 years to when I was studying Spanish and practicing the Ser Verb, one of the Be Verbs in Spanish. I was in the shower when it hit me to use the Greek songs and instantly I had the Spanish conjugation for Ser- soy, eres, es, somos, sois, son.

Perhaps the instance that might really give you a glimpse into how my mind works was when I was working on Noun Cases. In Greek, there are Nominative, Genitive, Vocative, Accusative and Dative cases. Dative case is used with- to and for.

One evening I was watching Star Trek Next Generation. In the episode, Commander Data, an android, was researching dating and relationships. He was going to each main character to ask for advice. When he approached Captain Picard and said, “Captain I am.” Picard cut him off saying, “Yes, I know and if I have any I will tell you.”

In that moment, all of the Greek Noun Cases clicked in for me as I related Dative Case to Commander Data.

Sometimes when I am in a store, I get bored and stand there entertaining myself with possible scenarios. One time I was pondering the deep philosophical question of if Jedis from Star Wars played soccer with Elves from Lord of the Rings, who would win.

God creates each of use differently. He seems to have given me a creative mind. Through creation, God displays his artistry through diversity.

I hope the glimpse into how my mind works does not scare you off πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

We Never Retire from Serving God

Friday evening during my church life group, one of the women commented that she prayed for Trump when he had COVID because he is old. She also commented that Biden walks like an old man.

We all burst our laughing. Why?

She in older than they are. She is in her mid 80s. She goes to line dances, drives all over the state to watch her granddaughter play high school volleyball, and is very active. She is retired but still serving Jesus.

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It reminds me of my grandfather when he would talk about driving the old people in the neighborhood to the grocery store who were in their 60s and 70s. My grandfather was 81 when he made that comment after having gotten a speeding ticket on the highway.

Sharing these two humorous stories introduces a point. We never retire from serving Jesus. God has worked through people at ages that people would normally associate with retirement and perhaps even nursing homes.

Consider Abraham and Sarah. They had Isaac when Sarah was in her 90s.

Consider the Apostle John. He was an old man who while on the prison island of Patmos was given the vision by God that led to writing the Book of Revelation.

God is never finished with us in this life. We may retire from jobs, but we never retire from living for and serving Jesus. Even when the time comes to leave this life and enter heaven, we will then live with Jesus forever.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Q and A with me- My Answers

Last Friday I shared that for the first time ever my blog went over 30,000 views for the year. It was actually just an excuse to do something I have fun doing which is a Q and A.

Here are my answers. I wrote them while sitting in a coffee shop for the first time in 7 months due to COVID. I may have had too much coffee. πŸ™‚

By the way-Notice the Pink Shirt? Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I want all of my followers who are women to see a doctor and get checked. Early detection is key.

Barb of asked- Would you consider forgoing a haircut for a while so that you could wear a mullet? Seriously, I want to see it!

Mullet- 2 word answer- No Way, Longer hair I have thought about at times though πŸ™‚

AND- Now for a serious question. Do you have a favorite OT book? NT book?

Old Testament I love Isaiah. It was written about 700 years before Jesus came and has amazing details about the promised Messiah all of which Jesus fulfilled. New Testament I love to teach the John.

jlp of asked- Do you have a favorite cartoon character?

This will show I am old school. I loved the Roadrunner as a kid.

Herry of asked-  What was your favorite childhood cartoon character and movie?.
And what was the weirdest thing you have done?.

Childhood was a LONG time ago. I loved the roadrunner cartoon. As a child I loved the movie Mary Poppins.

Weirdest thing? hmm. so many weird things I have done. What to choose? Maybe the time I thought putting cocoa powder on cottage cheese would taste the same as chocolate ice cream. I was wrong πŸ™‚

My sweet daughter Temi of asked- Based on your blogging experience, is there a time of the day you consider as the best time to publish a post?

I think for each blogger it may differ depending on their audience. I tend to schedule my posts for the morning early enough so my followers in other countries/time zones can read them in the evenings their time and my followers in the USA and Canada can read them in the mornings or afternoons.

One note- if I reblog a post, I usually schedule it for later in the day. That is mostly because I do not want to flood the read section of other bloggers. I tend to not like it when I look at my read section and someone has 7 to 15 post flooding it.

Crissy of asked- How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

Pizza. Oh how I miss pizza. I found out I have Celiacs in 2017 so no more pizza 😦 When I used to eat pizza, pineapple was delicious on Hawaiian Pizza πŸ™‚

Brenda of asked- how tall are you?

I am 5′ 10″ so almost a foot taller than you πŸ™‚

Saron of asked- What one piece of value advice would you give to your younger self?

Jesus is the answer would be the most important. I would also tell my younger self to study languages because you have an ability for them

Dawn of asked- Do you have a favorite author

The Holy Spirit because he inspired the bible πŸ™‚

For other books my all time favs are J. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis πŸ™‚

Bethany of asked- How do you trust God in the calling He has for you?

There are ups and downs for any calling from God. The most important thing is to know God because the better we know God, the more we can trust him in the down times.

Ruelha of asked- If you could completely erase one event/timeline from your life with absolutely no memory of it, what would it be?

I have thought about what life would be like if I could go back in time and redo some mistakes in my life. But then I think about what Romans 8:28 says:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” 

Even my mistakes and wrong turns in life God used to lead me to the life and ministry I have today. If I were to erase something, I would not want it to alter the course of my life.

Christine of asked- How long have you had Celiac disease and what advice would you give to a young one (like my daughter) who is just starting her journey?

I was diagnosed in 2017 but am sure I had it for quite a while. My advice to a young one is that while yes it is not fun to change how we eat, it is worth it because you will feel better and there are fun foods you can still eat. Example- your mom can make gluten free macaroni and cheese by using macaroni made from rice flour.


What is something you love that most people would find odd?

Other people probably think I am odd πŸ™‚ One thing I love to do is go to supermarket just to walk around and greet people in their languages.

Keziah of asked- What is your personal opinion on pain and why do you think humans experience it? And what has most influenced your thinking on this?
(By the way! β€œThe Problem of Pain” by C.S. Lewis is an AMAZING read on this subject!!)

Personally I hate pain but have lived with chronic pain for over 25 years so it is my normal. We experience pain because of the fall when Adam and Eve sinned. We are living in a fallen world where we have pain, disease, death, crime etc. The bible has influenced me the most. The encouraging thing for me is that pain is only in this life, In eternity with Jesus, there will be no pain. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.