An Invaluable Gift We Can Give Costing Us No Money

As we enter the finals days of shopping for Christmas, it is so easy to lose sight of the fact that the best gifts often are the ones that cost us no money, but require our time. Taking someone out for coffee that is going through a rough time. Visiting someone who is feeling lonely. Inviting someone to come along to a Christmas Eve service or a Christmas party. Such gifts can be very meaningful.

There is a gift we can give people without them ever knowing in this life anyway. The gift is invaluable  and though it is free, its worth cannot be measured. It is the gift that can truly impact someone’s life. That gift is praying for others.

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When we pray for others, we are seeking the person who has all power on the person’s behalf. There are problems people can face that seem beyond anyone’s capability to solve,  except for God.

Visiting someone such as an elderly neighbor or a friend in crisis is wonderful. Even better would to be offer to pray with them. Sending someone a note to let them know we are praying for them can be uplifting for that person.

A few  bloggers I follow are going through some trying times. It would be wonderful to surround them with prayer.

Jennifer from shared in her post I’m Not There Yet about her new baby girl’s battle with a form of meningitis at only ten days old. Please read her post and pray for her little baby girl.

Ktjenks shared about a difficult grieving time for her in her post Close to the brokenhearted.

Steven shared about his housing situation in his post My Housing Review Today.

It can be encouraging for them to know people are praying for them.

So let’s not forget that a very valuable thing we can do for someone is to pray for them. We can also give them the gift of our time. Combining the two can have a powerful impact.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.



6 thoughts on “An Invaluable Gift We Can Give Costing Us No Money

  1. Great point about praying for people being a priceless gift. I wish people could spend less money on me and do things for me like clean all the nooks and crannies in my car or give me a back massage, but people would rather give me money than time!

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